With a Fresh Year, a Fresh Resolve

At the start of December, we're thinking about the fall season coming to an end, as well as the year we will forever know as 2016. Good or bad, we'd like to think it was all important, in one way or another. After all, we're still standing, and we're most likely better for it!

So what is a New Year's resolution and why is it important for people to make? It's basically a promise to oneself, a promise meant to keep for x amount of days or for the rest of a lifetime if reasonable. Some people want to cut a bad habit like committing to spending less time on electronics, or develop a positive one like drinking more water. But where did it all come from? 

In 153 B.C., back when we were just starting to name months in the year, January was actually named after Janus, mythical god of early Rome. Okay, it doesn't make sense now why resolutions are a thing, but it will in a second. 

Janus had two faces, but it's totally cool... because he's mythical. One would be looking backward (towards the past), the other forward (towards the future). This, to the Romans, was recognized as symbolism for how we should perceive the coming of the new year. An opportunity then to improve oneself through making resolutions and to let bygones be bygones was born unto us. With a fresh year, a fresh resolve. 

So take it easy on yourself and just start with one. What would you do differently in 2017? Perhaps it's time to entertain the thought of engagement... :) 

Remember the importance of having standards, not just for people you want in your life, but for yourself. Where do you see yourself in x number of years? The best version of yourself starts with achieving personal goals, but not just any, realistic and reasonable ones. Read more about our suggestions for your new years' resolutions with "New Year, New You"--a general 5 ways to start anew, still relevant for every year, we think. 

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