Heirloom Moissanite by Fire & Brilliance

Heirloom Moissanite™ is an ode to yesteryear, an exquisite line of moissanite gems with an ethereal air about it, cut to accentuate faceting techniques once created by artisan-cutters of the 1400s to 1800s. Traditional cutting practices marry the flaunt-and-flair allure of present-day artistry to create this final expression, offered exclusively by Fire & Brilliance to you and yours for generations to come.

Our Heirloom Moissanite™ Collection now carries Old European Cuts (OEC), Old Mine Cuts (OMC), and Rose Cuts. Our very own cognac asscher moissanite is also added to this collection for those that love the antique appearance of its amber-hued step cuts to pair with rose and yellow gold vintage-inspired jewelry.

*FAB moissanite gemstones are cut and faceted by a curated collaboration of qualified moissanite and skilled natural diamond cutters.