Nicole W.

What did you order and what do you love most about your piece?

I ordered the Hearts & Arrows Round Forever One Charles & Colvard 6.5mm or 1.00 Ct DEW / Colorless (DEF) earrings. I love how beautiful the earrings are!  They sparkle and shine and just are gorgeous.  I could not be happier with them!

How was your experience working with your jewelry consultant?

This past fall I lost one earring and was devastated.  Naturally, I "had" to order a single earring to match it.  I misplaced my original order paperwork so when I wanted to order a replacement earring I could not remember what style I had (I forgot how many choices there were!)  Marissa was amazing to work with.  She was able to look up my original order and help me get an earring made to match and replace the one I had lost.  It ended up being a perfect match / replacement!

Was this for a special occasion or a treat yourself moment?

Originally, I had ordered these earrings back in 2020 for my 20th anniversary.  I love them so much and obviously needed to replace my missing earring ASAP.

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