New Year, New You

This year is coming to a bittersweet close. Our memories of it will be forever encapsulated in the mention of its name, “2015.” In today’s blog, however, we wish to prep you not for goodbyes, rather, hellos. Are you ready for the New Year? We have a few resolutions in mind that might help you embrace what is to come in 2016. While New Year’s resolutions may seem like a pipe dream to some, they are certainly attainable with the right mindset and approach.

Remember the importance of having standards, not just for people you want in your life, but for yourself. Where do you see yourself in x number of years? The best version of yourself starts with achieving personal goals, but not just any, realistic and reasonable ones.

Take interest in a new hobby or one that you’ve been meaning to get back into. There are many more hours in the day than we use to our advantage. Whether it is taking up a fitness class, woodworking, or learning how to play an instrument, hobbies can help to better your life in the long run and you’ll come to appreciate yourself more in the process.

Leave the country. Tasting new soils and being out of your comfort zone might inspire other endeavors; travel educates you on other cultures and allows you to be more open-minded to new, risk-taking experiences. There is so much to enjoy outside of the four walls that surround you in your work place or home and it can be refreshing to see new sights, make new friends, and come back with amazing stories to share. 

Make time for loved ones. Maybe there’s a friendship you would like to rekindle or maybe you find yourself unintentionally distant from family. Humans are capable of change and progression! Make time for the important people in your life. It’s likely that they miss you too.

Consider your lifestyle. If you have wanted to change up your diet for a while but never took the initiative to go the extra mile, you can always start small. Consider drinking more water when you have a hankering for a small snack or try eating your hearty favorites in smaller doses throughout the day. Maybe a new style of wardrobe is what you need to help express your inner you; make some lists and build it overtime! A small change like choosing to park far away from your destination can motivate you to walk more of a distance, get your energy flowing, and make you feel good. Feeling good about yourself every day is something everyone can do by choice!

Care freely. Remember that you can say “yes” to experiences you want and “no" to the ones you don’t. Life is what you make it! Take care of yourself and know that you can choose to be happy in life by reorganizing your priorities.

The key to keeping true to a new year’s resolution is to start by making small enough changes so that you have room to adjust. From there, it’s all about will power and focusing on the purpose of all this: it’s a New Year, it doesn’t have to be like the last one.

The excitement is real! We hope you make use of your time as we ride out the rest of 2015.

Love, F&B.

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