custom cut Loose gemstones with f&b

GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael has arduously explored, networked and shook hands with domestic and international business partners in an effort to root himself within the complex web of relevant moissanite and lab-grown gemstone manufacturers, wholesalers, trend setters, and master cutters across the globe. He has selectively filtered through this multifaceted grid and aligned F&B’s vision with our partners to provide our customers the option to custom cut their very own unique moissanite and lab-grown gemstones. Although we try our best to provide our customers with a wide variety of beautiful brands, types, shapes, cuts, and colors, we understand that each and every individual may have his/her own unique idea and preference of what a beautiful gem is to them. We are now able to custom cut your very own unique moissanite and lab-grown gems including diamond, alexandrite, aqua blue spinel, emerald, ruby, padparadscha and sapphire in the color blue, pink, yellow, white and champagne.

Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 24 to 48 business hours. We look forward to working with you! *FAB moissanite and lab-grown gemstones are cut and faceted by a blend of qualified moissanite and skilled natural diamond and colored stone cutters.