Wholesale with Fire & Brilliance

Jewelry businesses have long

 been a rewarding venture.

Purchasing pieces that are either made in-house or sourced to be sold to the public is a concept that has been around for centuries. However, more recently, many jewelry companies have discovered the advantages of partnering with a wholesaler to broaden their reach.

Jewelry wholesalers are a valuable asset to any jewelry business as they can provide access to products, supply chains, and technologies that enhance your products and services. Additionally, working with a jewelry wholesaler can reduce costs, build relationships in the industry, and expand your range of offerings.

For example, partnering with a wholesaler can provide access to a wide selection of unique, high-quality pieces. Additionally, it can give jewelry businesses access to a variety of gemstones and styles to allow them to create new and exciting pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Additionally, wholesalers provide access to supply chains and technology that can improve production processes and efficiency, an added benefit that can be especially helpful for small businesses. Wholesalers also often provide access to a wide variety of items that businesses may not otherwise be able to purchase, which helps to keep the cost of inventory down.

Fire & Brilliance is searching to partner with both brick and mortar and ecommerce jewelry designers, artists, metalsmiths, entrepreneurs and businesses to offer our FAB moissanite and lab-grown colored gemstone selections. Since we purchase in bulk, we can offer competitive prices and discounts that many jewelry businesses need in order to remain profitable.

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