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Is this a gift? If so, who is it for and is it for a special occasion? 

This was a Christmas gift for my wife. She had never asked for jewelry before so I knew I had to put some extra work into finding something perfect for her.

What was your buying process like and how did you find Fire & Brilliance?

My wife had asked for a necklace. Her current wedding ring set is set with Forever ONE moissanite and I began looking at the site I had purchased that originally from. None of the styles really popped out to me as something she would really like. Her current ring is a halo style flushed pair so I was specifically looking for something that could match that.

I moved away from searching the previous stores I had purchased from and began looking at forums and social news sites like Reddit and seeing where other people got their jewelry from as I hadn't purchased anything in a few years at this point. I tend to be meticulous when it comes to researching and trying to find what I consider "the best" of something. I spent nearly all day looking at different sites and researching where people were getting their stones from.

I had come across Fire & Brilliance before when doing my original research on moissanite a few years ago and knew the name already. I gave your pendants a look over and immediately spotted the halo pendant that I knew she would love.

Without hesitation I purchased this around midnight after she was already asleep. I knew she would love it so I was able to surprise her at Christmas with it. She has worn it daily ever since she opened it and we are both extremely happy with the purchase.

Tell us about the surprise! How did you do it and what were her first reactions? 

I'm actually really bad with gifts because I can hardly wait to give them to the recipient. My wife knew I had gotten her the necklace but wasn't expecting me to bring it to her ahead of Christmas when it arrived. She got surprised a little early (2 weeks early, oops) and was super excited to open it and see it. It fit perfectly around her neck and it hung at just the right height. She was ecstatic and I knew I made the right choice.

What has made moissanite your gemstone of choice over other options?

I really like the brilliance of moissanite and the fiery rainbows it fires off in the light. The neutral color tone of moissanite on white gold is a plus and makes it seem flashy while not standing out excessively. I do enjoy other colored gemstones as well but I have been very happy with all of our moissanite purchases so far. This pendant was easily one of the best decisions I've made.

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