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Fire & Brilliance
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Styled Chateau Partage Fairytale Wedding

Our custom creation set with one of the stones from our very own line of moissanite was recently featured by
“Almost all the classic fairytales end where the real romance begins; the moment where the charming prince and beautiful princess surpass all obstacles and challenges to finally kiss as the story comes to a close. We cherish and retell the same fables many times over, idolizing the furious and sometimes dangerous romances that bring two soul mates together.

As little girls and boys we hold these stories as fantasy, moments that couldn’t possibly belong to anyone other than royalty. But when you finally meet your prince or princess you realize that dreams can come true and, if you wish, anything is possible on your wedding day..."

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Modern Vintage Wedding Inspiration at Gardener Ranch

"Get ready to fall into some serious puppy LOVE. This next shoot from De Joy Photography + a team of uber-talented vendors brought this modern vintage wedding inspiration together at Gardener Ranch, and then filled it with the cutest pups imaginable.

It’s true, puppies can brighten even the darkest of days. But this wedding inspiration can definitely hold its own. From the copper circle arch adorned with florals to the petite dessert bar, and all the blush and white elements in-between, you’ll definitely want to pin this for later. Read more about the design below, and click on the full gallery for more puppies!"
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Bring on the Romance with this Dream Sunset Wedding Inspiration

"Few things are as romantic as experiencing a beautiful sunset with the one you love, and that’s what makes this next wedding inspiration from De Joy Photography and View Point Events so over-the-top stunning. To set the stage for the perfect wedding, they first needed the perfect location so they chose the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains to feature this sunset-inspired love story.

With views for days and a group of talented vendors, this boho wedding inspiration came to life in so many beautiful ways. From the bold and bright blooms to the decadent dessert spread, they paid attention to each and every detail to create this memorable wedding inspiration. View this sunset-inspired wedding here."
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Happy Summer Time Wedding Inspiration

We specially handpicked these rings for this picture perfect 60's styled shoot - now featured on Strictly Weddings!
"As we hunker down bracing for 2018’s bomb cyclone and deep freeze, perhaps a bit of sunshine will warm the day! We have just the happy summer time wedding inspiration that will spark the warmth needed to get through this winter spell. We are talking pops of color and a theme of 1967’s Summer of Love that exemplifies the ideals of peace, community and love for an entire generation captured by De Joy Photography. This little summer sesh of beauty at The Holly Farm honors an entire movement we still feel today through music, culture and many every day aspects of our lives. Get ready to bask in vibrant prettiness and soak up the talent displayed by Big Sur FlowersAmanda TempestRevival Vintage Rentals and Tart and Tin to name a few.
As you may be aware, this year is the 50th anniversary of the famous 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco, California. To honor this moment in our history, San Francisco had year-long festivities and events including colorfully painted buses and concerts in the Golden Gate Park. What better way to celebrate that famous summer with a wedding style shoot to inspire soon to be brides on how to bring in a day that will be remembered for the rest of their lives..."
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These Trendy Moissanite Engagement Rings Will Take Your Breath Away

"Whether you're looking for a nontraditional stone, a socially conscious ring, or a larger cut within your budget, there's a reason moissanite engagement rings are the latest trend.

Instead of the traditional diamond, many couples are opting for this mineral that was originally discovered in a meteor crater and now mainly produced in labs. Unlike diamonds, a moissanite stone isn't graded on color, but often has a more yellow or grayish hue and can be perceived as more vibrant than the beloved gemstone. Moissanites are also considered more brilliant than diamonds because they disperse less light and also sparkle longer because they don't attract as much dirt.

...Let these jaw-dropping moissanite rings ahead inspire you!"
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Friday “Rocks”! Featuring Fire & Brilliance

"Happy Friday to everyone! I am so excited to share today’s post featuring stunning engagement rings from Fire & Brilliance! I am blown away by the incredible detailing and craftsmanship… each one created with the perfect blend of elegance and boldness! I absolutely love these rings, check them out!!!" - Becca of The Yes Girls Events on 03/24/2017
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Why You Should Consider Moissanite With Fire & Brilliance

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with the well known fine jewelry company Fire & Brilliance. They are known particularly for their Moissanite rings, but are experts in all thing diamonds and customizable jewelry. This was the first time we had seen Moissanite in action and since we walked impressed and with new knowledge - we are sharing some reasons we learned you might want to consider a Moissanite stone for your engagement ring.

You may be wondering what is with the funky name (we were). It was actually named after Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Henri Moissan who discovered the mineral in a 50,000 year old fallen meteorite more than 100 years ago. Yes it can be earth mined too, but that is actually rarer these days than finding a diamonds so the Moissanite you see today is made in a lab. Fire & Brilliance actually works with moissanite manufactured and graded by the original creator of lab-moissanite, Charles and Colvard....

— Catherine Cason of Gem Hunt 07/20/2016
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Certified Colorless Moissanite with Fire & Brilliance

F&B is featured in an article on Brides On A Mission, announcing their presentation of the world's very 1st certified C&C Forever One moissanite gems and all of the information to follow.

Millennials, Moissanite, and the JCK Las Vegas Show

Now that millennials are becoming more sophisticated consumers, the time for lab-grown gemstones has clearly arrived. From Pure Grown Diamonds to Charles& Colvard Created Moissanite, the selection of lab-grown products has begun to change the marketplace. It’s no longer a matter of if or when they will become sought after, rather, it’s by whom and how. 

At the Charles & Colvard booth at the recent JCK Las Vegas show, independent jewelers, e-commerce buyers, and designers were three-deep to view the new colorless moissanite set to debut this fall. Eyal Brikman of Kobelli Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles said his moissanite business is on fire. Michael and Linda Nguyen, designers of the Fire & Brilliance collection, were equally thrilled with their moissanite business. 

Oh, wow! is the first thing we heard from everyone when they saw our new gem,” says Sarah Williams, vice president of marketing and branding for Charles & Colvard. “It’s a game changer. If you were on the fence with moissanite, there is no reason to be now. The stone is simply magnificent. On top of that, lab-grown gems, which are considered to be socially responsible, are quickly coming into the market, and we are poised to ride this wave.” Millennials, in particular, are asking for Forever Brilliant moissanite as a center stone for engagement rings. “We met numerous retailers who said their business is growing significantly due to referrals from the chain stores, which are ‘walking’ customers since they don’t offer the option of moissanite,” adds Williams. 

                                                                                                               — Kristin Young from JCK 07/02/2015
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