Cupid Hearts & Arrows Moissanite by Fire & Brilliance


Cupid Moissanite™ completes the trio as the third line in the FAB Moissanite Collection and can be recognized as Fire & Brilliance’s very own “Hearts & Arrows (H&A)” cut. The line suitably shares its name and aim with God of Desire of Greek Mythology, Cupid, skilled in his hypnotizing of hearts with love-laced arrows.

Ideal optical symmetry works harmoniously with each facet group including the Pavilion and Crown Angles to deliver what the beholder sees as shapes of hearts and arrows in an otherwise brilliant cut. The show-worthy light performance evident in that of F&B’s Cupid Moissanite™ Line is dependent on the dedication of method through meticulous craftsmanship. The H&A Shapes from this line are now available in round and cushion. *FAB moissanite gemstones are cut and faceted by a curated collaboration of qualified moissanite and skilled natural diamond cutters.