Which Ring to Bling Your Way Through the Holiday Season?

I think we can all agree that some accessories are seasonal and others are wearable all year-round. Sure, there are practical purposes such as that of weather change to justify your need to swap out ankle boots for thigh highs. ;) We're all over that, trust. But we're talking soft and hard textures, solids and prints, the elements that make a trend trending. How do we make a fixed trend apropos for any occasion all day, everyday? That's one of the greatest things about designing with gold, you know. We can make it so you have a piece of winter by your side wherever you go. 

We've gathered up inspiration for you from our index of custom fine jewelry, some subtle, some apparent, in expressing the wintertime cheer that you'll be able to ride out long after the holiday season. Here are the 5 we had in mind (click photo to be linked to item): 

I'm Dreaming of a White Goldmas

With its sharp angular structure, yet delicate demeanor, we are reminded of the first snowfall of winter and that no snowflake is the same. Accented in natural diamond, micro pavé set with filigree design. 

Flashing Through the Snow

We're beginning to understand why some people would want to leave their Christmas decorations up a little longer. Why hide something when it looks so good shown? The milgrain aligned with each surface edge gives us all the feels we'd get hanging up holiday ornaments!

Fall-La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

We pretty much saved this to be the main course, because let's be honest: Girl is holiday goals. When we think end-of-year weather, we think the falling of leaves (hence "fall"), and the colors changing from evergreen to golden yellows and deep reds. This diamond accented custom with thick band decorated in leaf filigree silhouettes is four-season friendly and a sure way to keep the nature lover in you (adapting to the changing times however they will) surface-level at all times.

Glory to the Newborn Ring!

Its gallery walls contoured with angular lines wrapped around small, ornamental-like bells fashioned into milgrain creates for us that hallmark imagery of a Christmas tree, lighting up for the first time since the last year. Here's to knowing that the sentiments of gift-giving and family togetherness will never be too far away.

Rocking in a Winter Wonderland


You're looking at iced ice, baby. The nicely packaged luster of this ring is luxe all the more with those twisted coil ringlets down its split band spine. The center stone and halo to complement has us counting down the days when snowball fights are possible.

Pick your fave! Thanks for reading with F&B. :)

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