For All of Eternity, or Just Half

An eternity is defined as an infinite or endless amount of time. It can mean forever, or refer to events in life and beyond as feeling like it is as long. Here at F&B, we want your happiness to be everlasting, always true. We have taken upon ourselves to really communicate this through our extensive collections of fine jewelry. You will find in most of our ring band designs that we love playing with side stone settings! Currently, two types of ring bands that we (fashion fans) have embraced time and again for their perfect representation of “eternity” are appropriately named as the Full Eternity and the Half Eternity.

A Full Eternity is when side stones are wrapped completely around the band, and a Half Eternity is when they are wrapped from the top-down only 25-75%. Much of how these ring bands appeal to us visually is in their setting style. There are four setting styles to choose from, each with different ways to express their affections for the glorious gems that they exhibit: the Pavé, channel, prong, and bezel.

The Pavé, often paired with a shared prong setting, is for those that want to see less metal and more gem. It performs well in exposing more of gems and the surface areas that would otherwise be hidden, allowing more light to fill the gaps in between. This can make the presence of side stones more prominent and as a result, look larger than they are.

The channel setting can be best described as traditional, classic, and not to be overlooked. Enveloped securely with precious metal, the gems in this style may leave more to the imagination, but the subtlety in their exposure is part of the allure. Channel settings can be paired with or without prong settings (metal projections that keep stones in place by generating tension).

A bezel set gem setting can give your wedding band the modern spin it needs. This style is versatile and can be used for jewelry of all occasions. The fun part is in knowing that we are not limited to just one bezel shape for Full Eternity and Half Eternity bands. As the bezels connect, they seemingly form a garland or crown of jewels, which in history was only worn by those of nobility. And when they hug the contours of the gems, they expose more space around, making the hand that wears it look that much more demure and delicate.

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