Don’t buy a natural diamond, lab-grown diamond or moissanite until you understand this! - Color

Diamond color is an important consideration when it comes to buying or evaluating a diamond. The diamond color scale is a system that ranks the color of diamonds on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).

D-F: Colorless diamonds have no visible color and are the most rare and valuable. These diamonds allow for the most light to pass through, resulting in the most brilliance and fire.


G-J: Near colorless diamonds have a slight yellow tint that can be seen under certain lighting conditions. However, they are still highly desirable and offer excellent value for their price.


K-M: Slightly yellow diamonds have a more noticeable yellow tint and are less rare than higher color grades. These diamonds can still be beautiful but are less valuable.


N-Z: Light yellow diamonds have a more pronounced yellow hue and are more common than higher color grades. These diamonds are generally not as desirable and have lower values.


It is important to note that the color scale is not the only factor in determining the quality and value of a diamond. Clarity, cut, and carat weight also play important roles. However, the color grade can affect the perceived beauty and value of a diamond.

When buying a diamond, it is important to consider the color grade and balance it with the other factors that are important to you. A diamond with a slightly lower color grade but excellent clarity and cut can still be a stunning and valuable choice. Consult with a reputable jeweler or gemologist to evaluate a diamond and make an informed decision.

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