Julie & Juan

Q: When did you first meet and how?

A: We love it when people ask us how we met. I was in Las Vegas with my friends 2 days before I moved to Seattle from Southern California. We went to a day club to see my favorite artist, Above & Beyond, and I started hitting it off with a random guy who was enjoying the set as much as I was. We started talking after the show ended and coincidentally it turned out that he was from Seattle. We exchanged numbers and 2 days later after moving to Seattle, we grabbed dinner together and the rest is history! :)

Q: What about it made you choose this ring design to be the one?

A: I’ve always known that I wanted a solitaire ring. I love the simplicity and elegance of the setting, especially with the thinner band to really bring out the center stone.

Q: Can you tell us about the proposal? (Feel free to be as detailed as possible!)

A: Tulum, Mexico is our absolute favorite place to vacation. After our first trip there, we instantly knew that we wanted to get married there. This year we went to Tulum with 6 of our close friends, with only 1 person knowing about the proposal. On the first day, we were all grabbing dinner at our beach club during sunset and Juan wanted to go see the sunset. We walked down to the water and me being me, I started taking pictures on my phone. He suggested we ask someone to take a photo for us and ran over to ask a girl nearby, who told us she was the “photographer for the beach club”. She snapped a few photos and had us do some cute poses. At one point I had my back turned to him and when I turned around, he was down on one knee! It was the most perfect moment- on the beach during sunset in our favorite place with 6 of our closest friends to share it with.

Q: How did you first hear about us? How was your overall experience with Fire & Brilliance?

A: We knew for a while that we wanted to go with a moissanite for a variety of reasons. When we started having conversations about getting engaged, we started looking into different companies and ultimately we picked FAB because of all the great reviews, super detailed & helpful information on YouTube/Instagram, and we liked that it was a smaller business rather than a huge company. Our experience with FAB was seamless - the customer service was excellent, the shopping was simple and straight forward, and the ring was exactly what we dreamed of. We would 100% recommend FAB to anyone who is considering moissanites.

Q: If you could describe each other as an animal of the wild, what would it be and why?

A: Juan says I’m his penguin! When a male penguin finds “the one,” he finds the smoothest pebble/rock to present to the female penguin. Penguins are also monogamous and stick with their mate for a lifetime!

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