Rock of Ages: Penguin Edition

Engagement; most might wonder before they’re ready for the big ask, what it really means to propose or to say yes. This grand gesture is something that we find might be better illustrated by… penguins. Yes, penguins. (Photo from Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.)

Although a completely different species than us, they are not all that different when it comes to finding love. They, too, require a commitment that stands the test of time and patience; nearly all penguin breeds mate with the same partner year after year. As a symbol of their sincerity, penguins search high and low for the perfect gift to present their ideal companion in the form of a pebble. It is believed that not just any pebble will do, but only the prettiest, smoothest, and perfect pebble, one of obvious singular beauty, should be chosen. Oftentimes, this pursuit of prize results in competition among other male penguins which really speaks volumes about just how special this grand gesture is. It also probably helps that they seemingly look dressed to the nines! (Photo Courtesy of David Moir/Reuters.)

Once presented and the female penguin accepts, the stone is placed carefully into her nest and the journey between two lovebirds continues. This promise from penguin to penguin is a true testament of trust and stability. Penguins construct their nests and homes with articles from nature, more specifically, sticks and stones. So if our understanding is correct, in acceptance of the token from her penguin love interest, she is welcoming him to build a home together. Perhaps we’re reaching, perhaps we’re not. In either case, the point of this was to share that home is where the heart is and it all started with a rock.

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