Frequently Asked Questions

What is moissanite?

optical properties

Moissanite is one of the most fiery and brilliant gemstones on Earth. It is made of a chemical compound called silicon carbide that shares similar optical properties with diamonds. However, it surpasses diamond in both fire and brilliance, or the measure of sparkle visible to the human eye.


A gemstone’s hardness is determined by the “Mohs' scale” which measures the scratch resistance of minerals. Moissanite is 2nd hardest next to only diamond making it extremely resistant to chipping, breaking and scratching. This characteristic ensures the longevity of moissanite’s optical properties unlike that of other brilliant stones that dull over time.


More than 100 years ago, Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Henri Moissan stumbled upon a fallen meteorite from the cosmos 50,000 years old, and it was in it that he found our beautiful, iridescent Moissanite. Its impressive qualities as a mineral beguiled Tiffany & Co.’s well-respected gemologist George Kunz, who saw a great potential in it as a gemstone and gave it a name most befitting.

moissanite now

Through the advances in technology and proprietary processes, Moissanite is made more accessible to the jewelry enthusiasts, collectors and lovers from around the globe. There are numerous reasons why Moissanite has drawn so much press in pop culture. Its double refractive index and higher fire dispersion enhances its fire and brilliance that accentuates the true beauty of the gem. The gorgeous sparkle is especially emphasized when showcased as the center stone on fine jewelry. 

Moissanite has also piqued the interest of those who wish to help decrease the amount of gem-mining on Earth as it is a very eco-friendly choice. And what’s more is that this gemstone is resilient, which is important for the practicality of fitting into everyday life. Like that of diamonds and other natural gemstones, it is now a very common choice and has become a standard for many proposals and couples from all walks of life.

moissanite v. diamond

What are the differences and similarities between moissanite and diamond?

  • Moissanite is made of a silicon carbide or SiC; whereas, diamond is made of almost 100% carbon.

  • Diamond is harder than moissanite, but moissanite has more sparkle (fire and brilliance) than diamond.

  • Both are very popular choices with very similar optical properties to the naked eye.

  • Diamonds tend to be priced much higher than moissanite.

Key comparisons are highlighted in the chart below.

Stone TypeColorRefractive Index
Fire Dispersion
Mohs' Scale

What is the best and most diamond-like moissanite?

All moissanite brands that we carry are very “diamond-like” due to the similarities in optical properties.Please click on the links below to learn about each brand and choose the one that fits your individual preference, style, and budget.Fire & Brilliance carries only the most well-known world-wide moissanite brands including our own, FAB Moissanite ®!


Moissanite is not a diamond as it is a gem in its own right. It is more brilliant and has more fire than diamond. However, it is commonly used as a diamond alternative due to the similarities in optical properties.

moissanite prices

Are your stones real?

If so, why are the prices so favorable?

Yes, Fire & Brilliance is an authorized retailer of many lab-created gem brands--such as, Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite, NEO Moissanite, SUPERNOVA Moissanite, Chatham Lab-Grown Gems, and Diamond Foundry. We even carry our very own line, FAB Moissanite®!

Each purchase will be shipped with the relevant supporting documentation (if any) and a certificate of authenticity from that specific company (if any).

Our prices are very favorable and competitive since we purchase our gemstones in bulk. This allows us to pass on the savings to our valued clients.

In short, we take on the financial risks so that our clients can benefit from the savings.

Why is FAB Moissanite® priced less than the other moissanite brands?

Fire & Brilliance is able to offer lower and more competitive prices on the FAB Moissanite line since we own the brand. This provides us the leverage to pass on additional savings to our valued clients without compromising quality.It’s as simple as that. We pass on the savings so that you may benefit! Yes, you are getting more for less!

fab moissanite

What is FAB Moissanite?

With close to a decade of experience working with moissanite jewelry, Fire & Brilliance™ is proud to announce our very own collection, Fire and Brilliance Moissanite or "FAB Moissanite™.

”GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael has arduously explored, networked and shook hands with domestic and international business partners in an effort to root himself within the complex web of relevant moissanite manufacturers, wholesalers, trend setters, and master cutters across the globe. He has selectively filtered through this multifaceted grid and aligned F&B’s vision with our partners to introduce F&B’s 4 lines of FAB moissanite: “First Crush,” “Heirloom,” “Cupid,” and "Traditional."

What’s the difference between the moissanite cuts?

click on the links/bars below to watch the available educational video comparisons for each line.  

What is the difference between colorless & near-colorless gemstones?

Be it diamond or moissanite, colorless gemstones are without color and/or warmth. Most gemological grading laboratories; such as, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) assign a “D,” “E,” or “F” grade for colorless gemstones with the letter “D” as the highest colorless grade.Whereas, a near-colorless diamond or moissanite may have a very slight hint of warmth to the gemstone and is graded with the letters “G,” “H,” “I,” or “J.”  

Certified Gemstones

What is the difference between certified and uncertified gemstones?

Certified gemstones are graded by industry professionals from a 3rd party gemological laboratory. A certified stone will be accompanied with a certificate indicating the exact quality specifications; such as, the symmetry, color, clarity grades and more.

Uncertified stones will not have this certified lab-report. 

What is a certified moissanite?

Fire & Brilliance is the first company to distribute certified moissanites that determine exact specifications of the graded gemstones. This provides our clients true clarity and peace of mind from the depth, precision and accuracy of data in a laboratory report.

We carry certified FAB Moissanite and Forever One that are graded by Precision Gem Grading Laboratory (PGGL). Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies made for jewelry, PGGL is able to provide a very detailed laboratory grading report for each moissanite gem to ensure that the descriptions are specific to that stone’s individual characteristic quality.

Fire & Brilliance hand-picks only the best moissanite gems for these grading reports. The initial step in grading these gems requires meeting specific quality standards prior to being considered as “Acceptable.” The next qualifying step is to only select the top-tiered gems after they are graded by PGGL leaving only the best stones available for sale. 

Why are certified stones more expensive than uncertified stones?

Certified stones require the labor of a 3rd party laboratory in order to accurately grade the gemstones. Therefore, these stones require a slight premium. 

Do all moissanite purchases come with a lab-graded certificate?

No, only certified moissanite gemstones purchased HERE will arrive with a lab-graded certificate.

Can I set a certified moissanite on a ring instead?

Absolutely! We do this all of the time! Upon request, we can set the certified moissanite gemstone of choice on our F&B designs. 

Please contact us if you are interested in setting one of our exclusive certified Forever One or FAB moissanite stones on an F&B setting. *Additional Charges May Apply

What are Chatham Lab-Grown Gems?

Chatham is recognized as the leader of laboratory-grown gemstones with a large selection of rubies, blue, pink, white, and yellow sapphires, emeralds, padparadscha, alexandrite, aqua blue spinel, and diamond.

Chatham does not “make” gems, rather, they control the environment so that crystals can grow naturally by recreating the conditions in which gems grow in the earth. These gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gems do. The true difference is that one is mined in nature while the other is grown in a lab.

One great benefit of owning a Chatham lab-grown gem is that it does not have the many "inclusions" that natural gemstones contain. Inclusions are known to create durability issues and may cause breakage and cavities. Less inclusions, more durability.

Fire & Brilliance only sells "eye clean" lab-grown gems from Chatham. This means that we only sell top quality stones with very little to no inclusions.

click on each gem below to read our blogs written to compare their natural v. lab-grown versions.

Design, Options & Measurements

What is diamond equivalent weight (DEW) for moissanite?

Moissanite is commonly compared to that of natural diamonds and is worn regularly as diamond alternatives. The jewelry industry came up with the term "diamond equivalent weight" or "DEW" as a comparison tool for measuring these gems.

Natural mined diamonds are slightly heavier in weight than that of Moissanite due to its chemical structure and properties. Because of which, they are lighter than diamonds of the same size when comparing "apples to apples."

*Example: Approximate Measurements

Natural Diamond at 6.5mm is approximately 1 carat total weight.

Moissanite at 6.5mm is approximately .88 carat total weight.

Moissanite at 6.5mm is 1 carat DEW (similar "look and feel" as a diamond of this size).

The example above shows that although both stones have the same visual "look and feel" when viewing it from top-down, the actual weights are slightly different (.88 ctw v. 1 ctw) although the measurements are the same (6.5mm in diameter).

When shopping for a moissanite, be sure to purchase it with "DEW" as the frame of reference if you wish to get a more accurate visual comparison to that of a natural diamond.*

*We use approximations since weight is also determined on how a gem is cut. 

What prong types are there?

We believe that beautiful jewelry is the result of the overall summation of the tiny details considered during the creation process. Specific prong types should receive attention when making jewelry to cater to each individual's personal tastes and preferences.A graphical visual of our prong types can be seen by clicking HERE.

What is considered a high, standard, and low-set for center stones?

Setting the center stone high, standard, or low on a ring may be confusing if you do not know what it looks like. The height of these types of settings may vary from company to company based on professional and aesthetic preferences.

A graphical visual of what our stone placements look like can be seen by clicking HERE.

What's the difference between a thin and thick shank/band?

The precision required particular to the width of a "shank" is key to the overall "look and feel" of an engagement ring and/or wedding band. The amount of metal coverage on a finger may seem too much for some and too little for others. We understand that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Therefore, we highly value the accuracy of jewelry measurements and always make a diligent effort to satisfy our clients.

A graphical visual of what various band widths look like on and off hand can be seen by clicking HERE

What kind of accent gemstones are set on F&B Jewelry?

Natural diamonds are set on most F&B jewelry as accent gemstones unless otherwise specified.

Why can't I purchase the matching band alone?

Yes, you can. Upon request, we may assist our clients with stand-alone band purchases that are not readily available for sale directly from our site. Please contact us and a Jewelry Consultant will be happy to assist.

Is there an option to make a ring with only recycled metals?

Yes, we can do this upon request. Please contact us and a Jewelry Consultant will be happy to assist. 

My ring size is not listed. Can I request for a different size?

Yes, we can do this upon request. Please contact us and a Jewelry Consultant will be happy to assist. 

My stone size of preference is not listed. Can I request for a different size?

Yes, we can do this upon request. Please contact us and a Jewelry Consultant will be happy to assist. 


What is your return policy?

Fire & Brilliance’s 30-Day Return Policy allows you to shop with confidence as your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Some restrictions may apply. Learn more about it HERE.

Do you have a warranty on your jewelry?

Absolutely, we stand behind our jewelry! Fire & Brilliance® is proud to announce that all new qualified orders will be automatically enrolled to our warranty FREE of CHARGE!

Complimentary 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for Domestic Orders (USA Only) and International Orders (Outside of USA).

We also offer great extended coverage for your peace of mind.

Learn more about it HERE.

Do you have a warranty on your FAB Moissanite?

Of course! The Fire & Brilliance Limited Lifetime Warranty is available on all FAB Moissanite purchases.

As a leader in the moissanite industry, Fire & Brilliance® is proud to provide our customers with an elite FAB Moissanite™ Gemstone collection that is created using only the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship that is backed and warranted with an exclusive Fire & Brilliance® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Learn more about it HERE

What is your quality control policy prior to shipment?

Our “Excellence Policy” mandates that all jewelry and gems (precious, semi-precious, diamonds, treated, untreated, and synthetics) go through a rigorous process of review each and every time an item is sold.

As a standard, our certified jewelers are required to go above and beyond expectations by finalizing each inspection with a 30x magnification detailed quality check prior to approving it for shipment. Any item with signs of defects and/or flaws are immediately sent back to the original manufacturer or is scrapped and recreated to meet industry quality standards.

Learn more about it HERE

Privacy Policy

We strive to create a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience for all of our customers. Our commitment to offering the highest quality service and jewelry products is the reason we are a trusted jeweler. We understand the importance of privacy, security, and safety of our visitors’ personal information.

Learn more about it HERE

Production & Shipping Times

What does processing/production time mean?

Processing/production is the length of time that it takes for us to service an order from the moment we receive it to the moment of shipment.

Custom orders will typically take longer to process since we will need to craft it from scratch and place it into production.

What are your shipping times?

Domestic (United States) Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Days after processing/production time

International Shipping Time: 1-5 Business Days after processing/production time

Expedited Shipping Time: 1-2 Business Days after processing/production time

Learn more about it HERE

Payment Options

Can I place an item on layaway?

Yes, we believe in assisting our customers with mindful spending. That's why we have prepared a progressive payment plan to make jewelry purchases more flexible for everyone.

Learn more about it HERE

Are there financing options?

We have partnered with Affirm to give you a simple way to make your purchase with no hidden fees. With Affirm, you can make your purchase right away and split the cost into easy monthly payments.

Learn more HERE.

Can I make split or make multiple payments in different credit cards?

Yes, we can do this upon request. Please contact us and a Jewelry Consultant will be happy to assist. 

Order Status

Where would I be able to check the status of my order?

Under "At Your Service" in the navigation links located at the bottom of our web page, you will be led to our Lookup Form after clicking on "Order Status" where you can input your order ID and email to check the current status of your order.

Alternatively, you can also click HERE.  

Jewelry Tips & Recommendations

What is the best and recommended way to clean fine jewelry?

Our advice is never to use an at home cleaning kit on your fine jewelry. They can be corrosive and damaging to your ring. We recommend that if you do clean your ring at home that you use only warm water and a soft bristle tooth brush.

The best option is to take your ring to be cleaned by a professional jeweler. 

Here’s a blog that we wrote about this subject:

What is the best setting type for my lifestyle?

Whether you work at a desk job or you are active in the field, your daily routines should be well-thought-out when determining jewelry design and maintenance.

Here are a few professional and maintenance tips to consider based on various lifestyles.  

Do you have a showroom?

Fire & Brilliance is currently operating as an online company only so that we may better serve the demands worldwide through digital capabilities. By not having a storefront, we are able to lower our overhead so that our customers can benefit from lower prices when purchasing high-end fine jewelry. 

For references to see how our products look like in-person: feel free to browse our many collections where we've worked diligently to provide visual content for, our Instagram, and our YouTube Channel (you'll also find some neat educational content that will help narrow down your choices for every step of the way).

feel free to message us if you have any questions. We are happy to assist.