Keeping Jewelry Fine: A Three-Pronged Approach

Our philosophy here at Fire & Brilliance has always been quality over quantity. As 2nd generation jewelers, we know the devil is in the details and there simply are no shortcuts in this business. We take pride in knowing that every single piece of jewelry is in pristine condition before it is shipped to you.

But after that, it’s all you.

So we’re taking you on the scenic route today and sharing three tips and best practices for caring and keeping your jewelry as sparkly as the day you received it. (Click through to see this one-of-a-kind F&B custom design!) 

Defense Wins Championships

The best offense against tarnish and soil is a consistent, methodical defense. So before we discuss cleaning, we have to talk storage. How and where are you storing them? We do love hearing that you never wanting to take off beautiful pieces, but our bodies produce natural oils and acids that can damage jewelry over long periods of time. This is especially concerning when we consider the soaps, perfumes, and moisturizers we use. Take extra steps to ensure you don’t directly expose your favorite pieces to harsh detergents or chemicals (such as chlorine or bleach) by simply removing them before you jump in—a little bit of care goes a long way.


The Locker Room

We may have dodged the perfume blasts and potential detergent damage but we’re not out of the woods. Dust, light, moisture in the air, and temperature are also factors to consider. After covering those bases with a jewelry box, you’ll want to make sure hard gemstones and metals don’t rub against each other to cause accidental damage. We recommend always assigning individual pieces to separate compartments. Sharing lockers is highly discouraged here so take a minute to invest in a jewelry box that will be housing some of your most prized possessions and precious memories (Our custom creation of natural square ruby as center stone can be found here).

Don’t Forget the Fixings

You already have the Thanksgiving turkey—but don’t skimp on the fixings. There’s an entire industry unto itself that sells products for the sole purpose of cleaning jewelry. It might seem easy to leap to the home jewelry cleaning kits but your jewelry is as unique as you are and demands individual consideration and care: go the extra mile and take it to experienced professionals for your luxury item.

With this all being said, go out there and have fun. Love your jewelry and it will love you back—there are no shortcuts to love.

Model | Allison Wheeler
Photography | Laura Hernandez Photography
Rings | Fire & Brilliance

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