Wedding Wednesday: Why It's Important That We All Have a Type

And by type, we mean print, font, typeface. Characters defined by their design, packaged ever so neatly. Your guests, impressed, will see your carefully decorated invitation suite as a foretelling of what's more to come in the aesthetically refined as they send in their RSVP's. It's a day to remember and you'll want to make it difficult for them to ever want to forget. 

Modern calligraphy is getting to be HUGE with millennial brides. As the many ways you can go about personalizing the whole wedding experience are limitless, it's not at all surprising to us that this is the route we've taken to putting even more thought into all the finishing touches of the ceremony and reception. 


No matter what medium, whether it be watercolor, ink, or chalk, you've got plenty of options in the bridal industry for where you'd like to take your type game. You can go minimal with a good balance of soft and hard lines, cursive and print, or live it up large with a complex array of fonts that complement each other well when pieced together (along with symbols such as banners and scrolls).

The idea of type ultimately, as we have gathered, is to make use of the space, provided by a blank canvas, and combine the characters of elaborate design in a cohesive manner, as if it were a puzzle.

The most curious part is that the art is perfected over time, but made to look effortless by the simple stroke of a hand.

Furthermore, it's the path to take if you'd like put in a unique spin to your bridal party, engagement party, wedding day, anniversary gathering, etc. It's easy on the eyes, and crazy satisfying to watch tutorials of. And results, girl. You'll see 'em. 

So have a type. Leave an impression. Make it a day to remember. 

Photography | Jessica Purgason
Stylist | Beloved Events
Calligraphy | Papercase Studio
Rings | Fire & Brilliance

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