What it Means to
Ring in the New Year

So you've been thinking about the opportune moment when you ask her to grow old with you, on bended knee. Or if you have yet to, perhaps your resolution for this new year should be to give thought to reaching for that next milestone together. (Gold Dipped Feather Garland Photo Courtesy Home Edit.)

There's something about being surrounded by a multitude of stringed up lights, faint Christmas carols being sung in the distance, the cold of the winter biting at your nose, and sharing glances with your starry-eyed S.O. As the year comes to a close and you reflect on the life choices you've made thus far, your goodbye to the last 12 months is bittersweet, but 2017 promises a fresh palette and a whole other realm of life choices to make or break. (Photography of F&B Custom by Jessica Purgason.)

When, in sharing those glances, you realize you're the best version of yourself when you're with that special someone, and a sufficient amount of time has passed for you to see this relationship progress, it's time. And when it's time, wherever you decide to choose the ring of #goals to symbolize this love everlasting, we'll be here to provide all the information you'll need for what makes perfect, perfect. (Photo of DIY Midnight Kisses below by World Label.)

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