We All Want to Live in the
Blues of an Aquamarine

Spring Fever is afoot, and we're feeling the proposal bulbs going off. Where to start... where to start? Here are our 2 cents, and then some. 

Speaking as a fellow millennial, it's not too uncommon to be into diamond alternatives in the age of "you do you." With varying budgets, considering these alternatives would be the practical choice, without taking away from the sentiments of what makes an engagement ring just that, a symbol to immortalize the love you have for your S.O. You can then splurge on the ingredients that are key to building a life together. Loads of awesome, no?

One of the many choices out there include Aquamarine, our birthstone of the month. Let's talk fun facts and maybe at the end of this, you'll feel just a little closer to your vision of the perfect engagement ring. (Photo Courtesy Archer Inspired Photography.)

It Comes Naturally

Like emerald and morganite, aquamarine is a color variety of the mineral beryl. Varying in range of hue from green-blue to blue, it is commonly seen as more pastel than deep. Aquamarine's rarity as a mined natural occurrence, clean and well-formed as large crystals, makes it particularly valuable in the eyes of mineral collectors. Sometimes treated with heat, aquamarine can appear even bluer. 

Into the Blue

As mentioned in our blog of top 5 Trending Colored Stones Choices, March's birthstone has strong sentimental ties with the sea: "Over time, it has become a symbol of youth, hope, and health. The lore of aquamarine gemstones extends to Roman mythology, when Neptune, the god of the sea, presented a host of mermaids with precious cerulean stones. The light and serene color of aquamarine has also been said to cool tempers, allowing its owner to remain calm under fire. It also makes for a beautiful gemstone to complement the spring and summer seasons."

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So if your spring or summer wedding proves to be thrilling with surprise missing vests or centerpieces, channeling your inner mermaid may keep you calm, cool, and collected until assistance arrives.

Aquamarine Cuts; Like Glass

The gemstone shows off vitreous luster and brilliance when well-cut and faceted, its transparency exceptional. With appearance and physical properties similar to that of glass, it'll definitely get you your sparkle fix. See video above! 

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