Top 7 Wedding Bands that Remains In Style Over Time

Classic Plain Bands: 
Be it plain or embodies a special touch of satin, bead blast, hammer, glass blast, florentine or stone finish, the classic plain bands continue to be forever timeless. 
Single Shared Prong Band: 
Whether you love it as a half eternity, ¾ eternity or full eternity, the single shared prong band is petite and elegant in every sense of the way.
Alternating Gemstones Band: 
The design is clever. It is unique and it is gorgeous. You may alternate round diamonds with marquise sapphires or pair baguettes moissanite with emerald rubies. The sky's the limit with this design.
Multi-Stone Band:
You may like the 4 or 5 stone look or opt for the 7 stone glitz and glam. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong. The multi-stone band looks great when paired with a single solitaire engagement setting.
Micro-pavé Band:
If your goal is to maximize the sparkle then this is the band for you. The micro-pavé band is intentionally made to minimize the amount of metal around the gemstones so that the diamonds, moissanite, sapphires or alexandrites have more room to sparkle and shine.
Infinity Twisted Band:
The infinity twisted band has curvature, gemstones and attitude. This band is for those who like their jewelry to look a bit more busy.
Contour Band:
A contour band is intentionally designed to accent the engagement ring. It encompasses the aesthetics of both settings with a gentle hug.
Would you rock any of these bands?

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