Through Thick or Thin: Band Width

A few of our more frequently asked questions on social media when modeling our rings lately are in regards to the band width. The standard width for most of our customs are approximately 2mm in width. For visual reference, we've provided a graphic rendering of band thickness measurements in millimeters so you can see for yourself the differences between each. Even after reviewing these, you're asking, "Well, which one would look best for me?" It all depends, dearest. Which band makes you dance? (Photo below from one of our beloved FAB Fans.) 

Dainty bands have been trending for quite some time now. Here's why. They create a lighter feel to the overall ring design because of the minimal usage of metal (wear with ease). They'll redirect the focal point, making the center stone look larger, and if you're also opting for a simple look sans the halo, this might just be the answer instead of having to size up. They're great for showing off a little more skin as there's more negative space around the design and if you've got it, we won't blame you for wanting to flaunt it for years to come. You'd be able to play with split band ideas; less is more. And lastly, there's almost an unspoken feminine feel to it because it looks delicate to the touch. You are what you wear, right? Is that how the saying goes? Anyway. 


When putting pedal to metal, wider bands can add extra strength and security to a ring. They draw attention to themselves, at all angles, and with little effort. I think you'd agree choosing wide is choosing to be bold. They look better with age, (keeps it a secret, almost) especially when your hands start to show "character." Also, there are more options to explore in the realms of filigree or texture design when you've more metal to work with. And if that's where we're headed, we might as well let you know that it also means you can have more room to play dress up with accent stones. I know, is there no end to the fun?! (Photo Courtesy of F&B custom by Laura Hernandez Photography.)

You can really never go wrong with the standard width of 2mm, even 2.5mm. These garner the best of both worlds dainty and wide. It might even save you from changing your mind later down the road when you feel like you should have given the other a chance. To conclude: it's important to note that trends can come and go. Preferences personal to you can be different for someone else and vice versa. You know what looks good on you and that's what matters most in the long run. You're looking for a ring that says "forever", not a ring for "right now."

As you know very well, we cater to your customization preferences so the creative freedom is yours. This means no matter what you end up choosing, we're here for you, through thick or thin. It's too late, we went there. Thanks for reading!

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