The Push Present

Breaking celebrity news! According to People Magazine, Hollywood's It Couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have just welcomed their second child. The two met on the set of Green Lantern, a 2011 film adapted from one of the more well-known superhero comic book series published by DC Comics. After building a solid friendship, they realized on a double date, each with another person, that their best bud dynamic was actually that of a kismet budding romance. The newborn joins big sister James (at 22 months old). At the moment, the baby's sex and name remain a mystery. (Photo Courtesy Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.)

So you've probably guessed by the title that we weren't going to talk about the suh-weet fashion musts we've seen on Gossip Girl or the amazing cinematic experience that is Deadpool for the rest of this segment. We actually wanted to dish on a trend that has generously made its rounds in social circles: the push present. 

A push present is considered to be any type of gift that loved ones give to a woman who has given birth to a child. Let's face it; giving birth is tough and who more deserving of a gift than someone who has had to create a warm, loving environment for another human being to inhabit for 9 whole months? (Photo of F&B Custom Courtesy Laura Hernandez Photography.)

Push gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. And because we specialize in custom fine jewelry, you know that we're here to help make your creative vision a reality. Celebratory rings that play up metal and/or natural diamond accents, center stones in diamond alternatives such as colored gems or moissanite and amora gem are also great options to say "thank you" with. Because who can say no to a dazzling sparkler? That's exactly why we work in the business where big life questions are answered with, "I do." 

We're wondering what Ryan is gifting Blake with for their second babe! What do you think it might be? Until next time, thanks for reading with F&B. 

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