The Princess Cut Gemstones: Brilliance & Exquisite

As one of the most popular gemstone cuts, the princess cut has a massive following, thanks to its ability to perfectly showcase the fine details and reflections of a gemstone. This cut of gemstone is even often referred to as the "modern classic" because of its ability to be both timeless and modern at the same time.


The princess cut gemstones are cut in a square manner with four different facets. These facets are arranged in a parallelogram style which allows the maximum amount of light to enter the gem and thus create a beautiful sparkle. It showcases a dazzling display of prisms and rainbow effects that can be sure to captivate the viewer.


The Princess cut was created in the 1980s, when diamond cutters began to devise alternative cuts to the traditional round diamond. Its uniquely faceted shape allows it to capture more light and create a sparkle that’s quite different from the round shape, giving it a contemporary and eye-catching look. The reflection of rainbow of colors gives the optical illusion of more sparkle than a round stone.


If you're looking for a sparkly and unique gemstone for your engagement or special occasion gift, you should consider the Princess cut for its brilliance and exquisite details of its angles and facets. The distinct shape of the Princess cut also makes it particularly well suited to certain settings, such as micro-pave, four-prong, and bezel settings.

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