Singles' Day: The Bling Fling

It's Singles' Day! Hey, girl, hey. This holiday brings forth a topic near and dear to our hearts and we're not just touching base on singledom. Some of our FAB Fans have actually inspired us to cover what is essentially an act of liberation: the bling fling. What is it; what does it mean?

We all know what a standard engagement ring consists of. A center stone held by metal with settings and styles all left to choice, based on preference and sentiment. But what if for a moment, we didn't think of it as a promise to someone else? What if you just wanted something sparkly for the sake of sparkles? Because you can. Because you deserved it. Or just because. 

We believe you deserve to be celebrated! You are strong, you are independent, you are hopeful, and you've made it this far. Which is pretty amazing in our books. And you know what they say: when you feel great, you look great. So it's okay to indulge a little when you've worked hard to create self-purpose! 

Maybe you want more than one ring to switch out for occasions. Sometimes jewelry can feel lonely and need friends. Or maybe you want a travel ring for, like, when you travel. Maybe you want a ring that helps define parts of you that a current or future engagement ring might not be able to all on its own. Maybe you just want to own more pretty things. Who knows? You know. 

The reasons are boundless, but what matters most is that you shouldn't have to give one. What is important to you is reason enough. 

Photography | Jessica Purgason
Rings | Fire & Brilliance

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