Rockin' Around the
Alternative Christmas Tree

You can't possibly be surprised that we've been Pinteresting lately like the holiday nut we are! If you're celebrating Christmas or just really want to pretty up your home with lights, ornaments, and pine, you know we're all for it. When you happen upon Pinterest though, you'll find that there are just so. many. ideas.

So if we're approaching this with an eco-friendly vibe just like we would with our custom fine jewelry, we have to say the alternative options are definitely still worth rockin' around! (Click photos to be led to their destinations.)

For some, cutting down a fresh one is a sacred family tradition, passed on from generation to generation. But with that note, it can also be hard to take in that beautiful pine trees are being cut down for our enjoyment during the holidays--which is why we can opt for the unconventionally beautiful ones if we're heading down the natural route.

Take a note here from one miss Pheobe Buffay of Friends, and save an old tree from being placed in the chipper or choose a tree that seems a bit barren like the one above. Just because other families won't be able to use it, there's no reason you can't! 

We're seeing these makeshift Christmas trees pop up everywhere and we are LIVING. It's a great way to use branches from your own backyard, fallen from trees, simply going through the cycle of life. Not only that, but it's space-conserving! Yaaas for practicality. 

And then we have our own rendition of the alternative Christmas tree. As you may have heard, we shall say in the Game of Thrones spirit: engagement season is coming. (Photo Courtesy Jessica Purgason.)

From the fallen trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this customizable wooden box is a fine art curation from Will Pollock of EndGrainWoodShoppe. It was an absolute no brainer that we take the opportunity to give our customers something to not only treasure their beautifully designed rings in, but a reason to appreciate the wooden piece of art that was made with such great care and thoughtfulness. Best part: no trees were cut down or harmed in the making of this creation! So contribute to the reduce, reuse, and recycle mentality and save with us. :) 

More details can be found here

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