Rest "Asscher"-ed Your E-Ring is the Real Deal

The only cut that has that clean, well-groomed Art Deco edgy-but-also-sophisticated look? The Asscher is admired for its strong structural appeal and stairway-to-heaven step cut allure, but girl deserves more recognition.

It's a truly happy medium, a hybrid, if you will, between the princess and emerald cut. The Asscher is royally known by everyone who's anyone for its deep-rooted history and dazzling clarity.

Joseph Asscher invented the cut in 1902 and it reached popularity in the 1920s because people described it as an "antique" design, or having an aesthetic reminiscent of historical significance.

Brief history lesson: The Asscher family survived through the tragic events that transpired from WWII and concentration camps as a result of which, but their patent expired which led to the rise of other companies. Their good name was brought to fame once again once they were honored with a royal title by the Queen Juliana of Holland for influencing the diamond industry.

In the early 2000s, the family modified the cut to smooth out the edges/corners which produced a more well-performing faceting technique to appease the modern audience.

If you're looking for the perfect vintage-inspired ring to add in your collection, the Asscher cut as center would be the style that'd have you time traveling back to the Roaring Twenties.

Also named as the "square emerald cut," it has 78 step-cut facets, a higher crown than other traditional shapes, and generates a 'hall of mirrors' effect that'll have you hypnotized from noon until... wait, what day is it?

(FAB Asscher Cut Moissanite stack above) It's for those that want the steps of an emerald cut but as an equilateral, close-to-square shape (taking up less vertical space on the fingers). Set it on a solitaire, play it up with metal, or add a halo for some extra sparkle. Click on any of these photos/videos of rings and moissanite stones to shop the options!

Generations to come will love the Asscher cut; it's actually one of the most requested shapes to view comparisons of on our Instagram page.

As far as dream engagement rings go when it comes to basing designs off of sparkly things donned by socialites and celebrities in pop culture, the asscher cut set on Pippa Middleton's engagement ring is still talked about to this day as a bold, beautiful, yet surprisingly underrated statement.

With a sparkling round brilliant octagonal halo, the ring has an 3-carat Asscher cut diamond as center with each corner squared off with metal creating a unique look of sprouted sun rays.

I mean... leave it to the royal family to turn heads with the most buzzed engagement ring of 2017, am I right? Hard not to look, I know. (Both images from Getty Images.)

Is there a point to this blog? Travel back in time and get swept off your feet and rest "asscher"-ed your e-ring is the real deal.

It plays on clean lines and geometry that run along your finger, rather than just fire & brilliance. Go against the tide. Choose the asscher.

Until the next time...

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