Internally Flawless (IF) Clarity Graded Diamonds - Perfect On the Inside

Internally flawless or "IF" diamonds are considered to be some of the rarest clarity grades and most expensive diamonds.

Whether it is a moissanite, natural diamond, or lab-grown diamond, IF clarity grades have zero visible internal inclusions. It is free of trapped minerals, white clouds, dark spots and/or other imperfections on the inside of the gemstone even when inspected by a microscope.

Then what is the difference between an "Internally Flawless" vs. "Flawless" clarity grade? Isn't an IF diamond the same as a Flawless diamond? One may think so, but these clarity grades are not the same.

IF graded gems may have a blemish or very minute imperfection on the surface of the stone whereas Flawless gems are perfectly free of inclusions and blemishes. That is the only difference.

IF diamonds are highly sought after for their exceptional clarity, brilliance, and overall stunning beauty.

Would you rock an Internally Flawless diamond?

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