How to Live Your Most Radiant Life

Looking for that unconventionally beautiful, modern cut that intensifies brilliance and color, enough to make all speechless? Except us, obviously. We're here to spill the tea on how you can live your best - no - most radiant life yet.

One of the youngest cuts in history, the radiant cut was birthed in the late 1970s by Henry Grossbard. He wanted to combine the round brilliant and the emerald cut - think Frankenstein's monster (iconic, hello!) - to refine our perspective on rectangular gemstones and challenge their potential. That's right, friends, this blog post is about a glow up.

Thanks to Grossbard, we all have the option to be our flossy selves with a center stone of abstract design.

(Click any links, images, or gifs of stones and jewelry to shop!) The radiant cut is an excellent choice if you're looking for a blend of the entrancing windmill-like brilliance of a round and the hard edged angular and elongated design of the emerald cut.

With 70 facets, it can hide any blemishes of the stone and instead draw your focus towards more flashes of light reflections for an on-point style that almost resembles that a "crushed ice" cut gemstone.

Pair the cut with a multitude of setting styles to create an engagement, anniversary, or celebratory ring that'll wow and pow.

For example, you can set it on a solitaire for a minimal look, a halo design, a multi-stone style with half-moon side stones, etc. - go to the max or keep it classic. Either way, it doesn't take much to make it a show-stopping piece.

Realtalk, though - colored radiant gems make for a "Hi, how are ya?" conversation because those facets will maximize and increase the color of the gem.

(Below is our very own FAB equal-sided radiant moissanite in canary yellow - available for a limited time only.)

If you're a 90s kid or embrace everything pop culture about the decade like a lot of us here at F&B... we think quite highly America's Sweetheart Drew Barrymore, but we're gonna go full extra and mostly feature just her engagement ring here. In 2012, she was proposed to with a stunning radiant cut diamond engagement ring in a channel-set, diamond accented solitaire.

If you're having trouble explaining to the jeweler what you want, tell them you want what Drew Barrymore has. Girl has it all. 

Or if we're gonna switch it up and live loudly, Hilary Duff's engagement ring had us completely shook. As seen below: that's a 14-karat radiant cut diamond with large side stones on a French-set pavé band and it costs $1 million!

Rest assured you can always choose a lab-grown or lab-created stone like moissanite if you want an economically and socially responsible diamond alternative, but with similar or double the sparkle as Duff's or Barrymore's.

Featured above, the Ezili - the radiant cut variation. Below, a custom infinity-band piece.

Comparably, it's plenty durable and can handle normal everyday wear and tear better than other shapes that may have more delicate edges.

Take it on-the-go with you!

So go on, live your most radiant life the fire & brilliance way - with a radiant cut. Until next time, you know where to find us for obnoxious jewelry puns. 

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