Flawless Diamonds - The Perfect Clarity Grade

A flawless diamond is a diamond that has a perfect clarity grade. 

What are inclusions? Inclusions are imperfections, minerals and/or other elements trapped in the diamond. 

What are blemishes? Blemishes are imperfections on the surfaces of the diamond.

Flawless diamonds have neither blemishes or inclusions as they are perfect in all aspects of its clarity grade.

It is a rare and highly prized type of diamond since the absence of internal and external flaws can enhance its brilliance, fire, and transparency, making it more valuable and sought-after in the jewelry industry.

To be classified as "flawless," a diamond must be evaluated and graded by a certified gemologist using specialized equipment and techniques. It is graded as "FL" by gem laboratories; such as, the Gemological Institute of America.

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