Everything's Coming Up Rose Cuts

Did you mistake that gemstone for a tiny disco ball? It's even set with the culet up - talk about starting a party.

The rose cut is the refreshing pop of variety you need, a winsome vintage-inspired choice for your engagement ring. In just a bit, you'll learn all about it including why it's called what it's called.

Birthed in an era of quill written letters by candle light (the 1600s; my, how far we've come), the rose cut was crafted without the advanced technology of today and meant to sparkle in natural light. It also lacks a pavilion, like a rosebud trimmed from a stem.

The feature makes the stone lighter with this clean trim - it's essentially the top of a standard round cut gemstone without the bottom. Turn it flat side facing up, and you've got the spirals that gave it its name.

The one you see featured in this blog is a FAB Rose Cut Moissanite from the Heirloom line, best described as is: "The distinguishable features of a single rose cut moissanite are the large triangular facets that come to a point on top. In addition, the missing pavilion of modern cuts displays the uniqueness of rose cut gemstones and its flat bottom. FAB Moissanite consist of 33 facets and 16 girdle facets." 

Rose Cut gemstones are differently faceted from each and every company, but the overall look is iconic and can't be missed as anything else.

While the stone does not refract light deeply, the large facets will emphasize light performance bouncing off its surfaces, much like a body of water reacting to falling rain.

Also, when you mix that with a tasteful pinch of color, you can delight in a stone that's worthy of your winning personality.

Rose on rose, anyone? The below is a custom cut marquise-shaped rose-cut Chatham Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire.

Let's discuss rose cuts in pop culture. A ton of people were under the misconception that America's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston rocked a sweet step or even brilliant cut for her e-ring from Justin Theroux back in 2012.

Upon looking at various photos from all available angles, it's our official professional opinion that her e-ring featured a large elongated cushion rose-cut diamond as center stone.

The 8-carat stone added to the antique-inspired trend making its rounds in Hollywood. 

If you're looking for a non-mainstream cut that can easily recreate an 80's dance party moment, the rose cut can shimmer to the beat of your synthpop loving heart in all the right ways.

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