Every Time You Turn a Round...

For the jewelry-obsessed, you've seen it dressed up and dressed down all over your Instagram (IG) news feeds. It's the spotlight gem cut featured as most pinned week after week on our Pinterest page: The Classic Round Brilliant Cut. We're sure you're familiar. We might have even heard that you've been wondering if this is "the one."

You've got questions; we've got answers. A cut such as this can be misconstrued as bland or default under the “traditional” label, but let us not forget that without “traditional,” there would have been no clear inspiration for the “nontraditional,” or in this case, fancy.


The circle is a very familiar shape, one that can be found all around us: in the atoms that make us up, in the freckles and moles on our skin, in the eyes of our loved ones, and on a grander scale, even in the planets of our solar system. It is perfect in symmetry and consists of a single line that ends where it starts, which on a deeper level suggests connections to eternity. The cut itself has set quite the bar for competing fancy gem shapes as it sits flexibly within the 4C’s (Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity) and offers the most fire and brilliance of all.* For the elongated look, many can opt for the Oval Cut, the essential classic with a twist. 

Fun technical fact, though: because of the advantage it has in having a symmetrical shape, the round brilliant is angled in a way that allows for light to refract, or bounce off of faceted surfaces more so than any other gem cut. *And more fire and brilliance means more sparkle, and more sparkle makes a happy girl. You can quote us on that. 

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