Do No Wrong with Claw Prongs

We know, we know. You've been missing these! We have too and so we're back. Hi. 

Let's talk claw prongs--one of the hottest jewelry trends to sweep the internet since the first time it debuted. We know prongs to be precious metal projections that are used to secure a gemstone in place. To have a ring design set with claw prongs means to minimize the amount of metal, creating a narrowed tip at the ends and thereby making an overall delicate silhouette look undeniably sleek with equal amounts soft and hard.


And what's more, there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" about a gem seemingly held onto, or even guarded by, animal-like claws. We would say they're quite reminiscent of stylized, antique furniture from the days of yore when the legs of tables and bathtubs would have a zoomorphic quality to them (e.g. in the form of lion's paws). The idea originated in mid-18th century Holland and was possibly inspired by the Chinese motif of a dragon clutching a precious stone. Characteristics, such as these, would deem an otherwise tame, inanimate object embellished with a taste for an aristocratic life of luxury. Do we have your attention yet? We thought so. 

With the freedom of customization, claw prongs can come in singles, doubles, or maybe triples if that's more your flavor. They can be spaced in between or stacked closely together. What you find best highlights your gemstone is left up to choice. So, what say you? 

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