De Beers Rolls Out with "Lightbox Jewelry" Featuring Lab Grown Diamonds

De Beers Group recently announced game-changing news that shocked the world by joining the lab grown diamond industry. As a custom ring design and moissanite jewelry company, we're excited to hear news of natural diamond alternatives making their waves on the internet.

This is the first time De Beers will use lab grown diamonds in their line of production (under a different company name - keep reading!), so we're all curious as to why they decided to take this route. 

De Beers Group has been an international enterprise that has not only created the 'eternity ring' and coined/established the famous quote, "A diamond is forever," they have been dominating the natural diamond industry. Also, they are popular in terms of natural diamonds by means of controlling the polishing, manufacturing, and supplying the world's most marketable gemstone.

Even though De Beers is pursuing this new direction, they are listing lab grown diamonds as 'fashion jewelry' and not necessarily fine jewelry in their branched-off company called Lightbox Jewelry.

We are unsure about their agenda, but it will create more shopping benefits and options to choose from for the consumer.

The demand for lab grown diamonds has increased because people are learning that they are more green conscious*, or ethical, and economically more responsible of a choice than mined diamonds.

Generally, that which is considered "ethical" is subjective and depends on your opinion, but most mined diamonds these days are not considered "blood diamonds" by use of the Kimberley Process. 

The only difference between lab grown and natural diamonds is just that one is man-made. *Lab grown diamonds are the environmentally friendly option because gemologists can grow them under a more controlled environment. Still, they are 100% carbon. 

Above, diamond is compared directly side by side with moissanite, a beautiful gem in its own right, often regarded as an alternative to diamond.

Businesses have to adapt over time, especially with newly rolled out trends here to stay, so De Beers is in preparation for the future with lab grown diamonds and positioning themselves smartly in a branched off industry. In Forbes Magazine, they are quoted as ecstatic about this new project and what will come from it. 

The jewelry market is always changing so we, too, can't wait to see how audiences of traditional thought respond to De Beers big shift to providing lab grown diamonds as an eco-friendly option for the consumer and the fashion trade.

Here's a link to our YouTube segment called, "Spilling the Tea with F&B" where we talk about how all of this got us in our feelings:

We've always recommended diamond alternatives like moissanite, and/or lab grown and lab-created stones to our consumers because one should never feel limited to what they can afford, rather, they should choose what they truly like and value from the symbolism--the fact that it's eco-friendly should just come as a standard.

All in all, this bit of news definitely piqued our interest as it opens up so much more to talk about such as traditional v. modern - where is the world of fashion headed in terms of sustainability?

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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