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So I have been looking to purchase a piece of jewelry for myself for my 20th wedding anniversary. I wasn't looking to replace my rings as they are very sentimental to me (we were young, in college and broke lol), but I was looking for something that would represent our journey together, our commitment to each other and perhaps act as an heirloom piece in the future.

I was always thinking moissanite due to their over the top sparkle and affordable price point, so I did a lot of research and found Fire & Brilliance.

Then it just came down to finding a piece that really spoke to me. Initially, I was considering a three stone ring, but just couldn't land on one that was going to make me pull the trigger on a purchase. But once I saw the gray moissanite, I was smitten. The color is unique and the setting echoes the antique pieces I love so much. I knew it was going to be a piece I'd be thrilled with.

Purchase was simple and easy. The hardest part was waiting for my ring to be made and shipped! ❤️
Do you have any advice or anything you’d recommend to others who are looking to purchase jewelry for themselves?
If you're thinking about purchasing jewelry for yourself, definitely make the investment. Do your research on reputable sellers and on the styles you love. Purchasing fine jewelry for yourself is the ultimate treat.

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