Can I Have That with Crushed Ice, Please?

Our First Crush line can be comparable to a refreshing glass of lemonade, made cool with crushed ice on a hot summer day.

In fact, that's the name of the faceting technique once only exclusive to diamond: Crushed Ice.

Loved by those who want a more distinctive and dazzling cut on their dream engagement ring, the "Crushed Ice" is the only one of its kind that has been perfected to exhibit visual properties coined as reminiscent of looking through a "kaleidoscope." (Pictured is our 7.5mm or 2.00 Ct. DEW First Crush Cushion Moissanite on a halo band surrounded with beautiful accent stones in 14K White Gold, a customized order for a client.)

Your eyes won't be able to catch the light reflections from the stylized pattern of facets it has! There is SO much going on and we really just can't get enough of it; neither can our clients!

Upon looking at our First Crush Moissanite cuts, doesn't it remind you of a heavenly vodka mojito or a savory mint julep? Lightning ripples of light refraction ricocheting off surfaces from the swimming pool? That's because the facets are designed to bounce off light in different directions through the pavilion of the stone instead of the crown.

As a result, these Crushed Ice cuts maximize brilliance (white light) rather than fire (color) very similarly to a diamond.

The two most popular shapes from the First Crush line among our fans and followers are cushion and radiant cuts! The difference between a Traditional Cushion Cut versus the First Crush Cushion is that the latter can easier conceal imperfections (the top ring featured below is the First Crush Equal-Sided Cushion).

and retain color (if you're considering colored moissanite) than the former.

Also, the pavilion faceting of the First Crush does not reach the edge of the diamond, thus creating more of a dancing sparkle (that keeps your eyes moving uniformly) than the regular.

However, we do customize cuts and can design other shapes that you don't already see on the website! (Below is the Traditional Radiant Cut on top, with First Crush Radiant on the bottom)

One of the most talked-about, requested ring design in our collection featuring the First Crush cuts is this 9mm or 3 Ct. DEW First Crush Equal-Sided Cushion Moissanite, 14K White Gold Solitaire Ring.

This was actually our first look at the cut in this exact shape as it was customized and became way too in-demand that it became a permanent addition to the website! Click any gifs or photos to shop or learn more about each gem or jewelry piece.

So after all is said and done, the real question here is: Are you crushin' hard on this cut like we are?

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