Behind the Name: Fire & Brilliance

Perhaps you've just happened upon our website ever curious about who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. Or maybe you're a longtime follower well in the know, but our name still resonates with you a mental note ending in a question mark. Allow me to engage you for a second in what it all means! 

In our professional opinion, the true beauty of a gem is captured by its fire and brilliance. Light performance, or the interaction with light as it passes through a precious gemstone is commonly broken down into three categories: fire, brilliance, and scintillation. Fire dispersion refers to the measure of how much "white light disperses in the gem and reflects on its inner surfaces." A gem's brilliance refractive index refers to the measure of how much a gemstone refracts light at various angles. Scintillation refers to the small flashes of visible light that are emitted from the stone when it or its viewer is in motion. Unsurprisingly, scintillation is sometimes used interchangeably with "sparkle," which we obviously love to show off on social media.


We share a great appreciation with you for all things glittery, sparkly, shiny--which should explain why we decided this was the best way to define our custom fine jewelry company. Visit us on Instagram if you haven't already just to see exactly what we mean! 

If you'd like to find us on any of our other social media handles: 
Instagram - /fireandbrilliance
Snapchat- /fire_brilliance
Pinterest - /FireandBrillian
Twitter - /Fire_Brilliance
Facebook - /fireandbrilliance
YouTube- /SocialFireBrilliance

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