Are You a High,
Low, or Standard Setting?

We know you've come for expert advice on this very topic. Set your mind at ease because our in-studio fashionista (it's me, surprise) has a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction for you. Whether you're dropping the hint or a knee, knowing which height to set the stone can be a bit daunting when you've no clue where to start. Like, this was something you had to consider? Yes. Yes, it is.

F&B actually has a graphic visual of what our stone placements look like when set on 4 prongs. It's located on a page designated to help you judge for yourself which setting height aesthetically is best suited for you or your S.O. to wear on the regular (as it is one of our FAQs). Important to note when you head there: "The height of these types of settings may vary from company to company based on professional and aesthetic preferences."

Aside from this, you're wondering why it matters. Well, I'll tell you. 

Although all of the above options depend on which design you'll be going with and its possible details, milgrain, filigree, and diamond accents in mind, if we're just thinking about purposes and pros of each, here's the run down: 

Diamonds in the Sky - Set High

In life, we've come to know these words as a means of self-affirmation, a way of life because, honey, no one can tell you who you are but you: if you've got it, flaunt it.

Jewelry, especially engagement rings, can often be viewed as statement pieces, conversation starters, regardless of height settings. But no one will deny that a stone set high will have an easier time stopping traffic. To agree with one miss Demi Lovato, there is everything right with being confident, and it's perfectly fine if you want more bang for your buck.

Speaking of which, this type of setting also accounts for giving the illusion that your center stone looks larger in size than it really is. Throwback to elementary school when you learned that the closer you are to something in your range of vision, it looks larger than the same object that was farther away. We really did learn the fundamentals. 

Quick tip: For a flushed look, this style pairs quite nicely with cathedral settings.

All My Friends Know the Low Rider - Set Low

As we are familiar, confidence takes many forms. Low setting heights allows you to be more confident in the security of the treasures held close to your heart. Tucked in tight, the stone can be better protected from accidentally knocking on everyday surfaces or objects. The prongs will additionally have an easier time not snagging on fabrics. So for the girl on the go with an active lifestyle, it is the more practical choice. 

Quick tip: There are times when standard settings can still look high, again, dependent on the fine jewelry company of your choice. In this case, going lower is the option to go with if you want a standard or even lower set look. 

The Goldilocks Principle - Two Extremes, One Just Right - Set Standard

If you find your design is perf just the way it is, there's no reason to make any changes. You've got just the right amounts of confidence in both sass and security.

It's popular demand by F&B fans.

The best part is knowing that the complex details of any design you choose will automatically work its way into the final product. Some details need just enough space or airway if on the complex side and they look more proportionate on a standard (as they were intended). But of course, F&B takes pleasure in catering to you and your needs where function meets fancy, so we'll make it just the way you like, fresh out of the oven. 

Quick tip: Have fun! The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl. And we provide a wearable throne that allows you to shine. 

Cheers! Thanks for learning with Fire & Brilliance. 

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