Dare to Be Square

You know the saying"be there or be square." Perhaps we've been going at it all sideways. Being square isn't all that bad when you're the gem cut! It's actually pretty fantastic. Its hard, sleek, straight lines create the perfect edgy-girl contrast to a soft, delicate looking band.


Pictured above is a natural square ruby from our colored gems collection. As there are various ways to cut a gem, there are gem shapes by other names that fall into the same category. Since having a talk about the square cut Emerald, we thought to give you a brief rundown on another square cut that has earned its wings as a social butterfly from day one.

The Princess Cut was invented by Belgian diamond cutter M. Weistreich in 1964 as what we speculate as a possible descendent to the King Diamond Cut (a princess being the daughter of a king), the development of which he catalyzed.

(The three-stoned stunner you see below features Princess Cut Forever Classic Moissanite and natural diamond accents.)  

It was introduced as a square version of the Round Brilliant Cut, obtaining as many (58 with culet and 57 without) or more facets, depending on the preferences of a master cutter, to replicate the same brilliance in a different and versatile-still shape.

Since its introduction, the Princess Cut has been a top trending choice, in fact, second to its brilliant fraternal twin. There is, however, an advantage that it has over the round, which is that it is able to retain 80-90% of the rough gem as opposed to only 40-50%. This means that it is the more cost-efficient alternative, regardless of possessing most of the same qualities. Who says it doesn't pay to be fancy? 

And if we're considering even fancier, you'll find it in your favor that color does not only sit in the center of this specific cut, it stretches with each corner. See below how Natural Princess Cut Blue Topaz adds a bold hint of old world flavor with its sharp Art Deco lines to this F&B custom creation. That resonance! So, with seeing what you've seen so far, do you dare? 

Photos | Laura Hernandez Photography 
Rings | Fire & Brilliance® 

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