A Sprinkle of Sparkle and
Why it Draws Us In

For as long as we can remember, what is defined as a pretty, shiny thing, has always held our gaze. To this day, we as a people are adding new iPhones with metallic silver and gold accented backings to our wishlist. And if you're looking at the newest wedding trend to stay, shoes that shimmer and shine, bedazzled beauts that they are, in either glitter or jewel, it seems we've only progressed in our relationship with this attraction in the evolution of our species. But why? (Photos Courtesy Laura Hernandez Photography)


Visually, objects with a glossy sheen are appealing, but there may be more here than meets the eye. By touch alone, one can feel the quality of such items and deduce that they are of higher quality just because of their texture.

There's a very final definition that is undeniable about something that shines, such as a well-polished shoe or toy. It seems cleaner, refined, new. Don't you agree? 

And thankfully, there are plenty of pretty, shiny things out there that won't break the bank. ;) If we're speaking specifically about jewelry, click through to learn more about its origins!

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