A Quick 2023 Review of A Diamond's 4 C's

The 4Cs of diamonds serve as a standard for judging the quality of diamonds and are a convenient way for buyers to assess the value of a diamond before making a purchase. Knowing and understanding the 4Cs is essential for a successful jewelry purchase.

Diamonds come in an array of shapes and sizes, making it important to understand the 4Cs of diamonds and to learn more about their potential when buying one. It is beneficial to know how the 4Cs of diamonds impact the overall appearance of the diamond and how it will reflect in its price. Having the right information when purchasing a diamond is essential and can ensure that buyers get the best value for their money.

What are the 4C's? Here is a quick outline of what to know.

1. Cut: How the facets of the diamond are designed and crafted to maximize the sparkle and brilliance of the stone. The higher the cut grade, the pricier the diamond in both natural and lab-grown form.

2. Carat weight: The weight of a diamond measured by the carats. The heavier the stone, the pricier the diamond.

3. Color: The measurement of how "white" or "warm" a diamond is graded from "D to Z" with a "D" grade being the whitest and "Z" being the warmest. A diamond's price tend to be less expensive when it is warmer in color.

4. Clarity: The absence or presence of flaws, inclusions or blemishes. The diamond is pricier on clearer or "high clarity" graded stones. The more "included" the stone, the less expensive it becomes.

Be sure to take into account the 5th C or "Certificate." A graded and certified diamond by a reputable laboratory can take out all of the guess work for you. These diamonds were previously graded by industry professionals to ensure that the diamond's 4C's are available for you to review prior to making a purchasing decision. 

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