Bachelor Party: Janner and the BoothStowes

Last week, we gave our opinions about how the Bachelor franchise offers a great opportunity for some of America's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to find love in a "narrowed down sea of 20+," or at least give them exposure to an audience that might help them get there one day. Sometimes these formed relationships aren't meant to be, and that's perfectly fine when we live in an imperfect world and reality really hits. And other times... they are! (Photos from @jadelizroper on Instagram)

Let's take Jade and Tanner for example. Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were each on separate shows of the franchise, Bachelor and Bachelorette. Going solo on those shows may not have worked out for either of them, but they were smitten from the get-go when the two met in Bachelor in Paradise. Second chances really do exist! An engagement ensued [in the finale] and just this past Valentine's Day, the two officially tied the knot and the ceremony was shown on ABC for fans everywhere to witness! Here's a closeup of the Neil Lane that Tanner chose for his blushing bride. Such an underrated stone orientation, don't you think? It compliments her so well! 

And who is that they're next to but fellow franchise stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth? These two lovebirds met on Kaitlyn's season of Bachelorette. Their chemistry was undeniable on the show, so much so, that it didn't take much to convince Shawn that they were endgame. (Photo Booje Media)

And he was right! The finale of that season ended with Shawn on bended knee, but as it was publicized, it didn't feel as organic, the two felt. We can't blame them, though, they only had 10 weeks to fall in love! The bride-to-be recently revealed to Us Weekly that the real dating began after the show and that soon, Booth is planning a (second) proposal, in a more intimate setting. You're doing good, Booth! We think it's so very important to feel like the moment was completely yours (and Kaitlyn's) to appreciate!

If you were curious about the massive rock that blessed her hands, here's a closer look! (Photo Courtesy The Stir)


With a shiner like that, it'd be hard not to show off! Speculated to feature a 3.5 round, brilliant-cut diamond, its braided band embellished with 160 smaller diamonds, this ring design has definitely made an impression on us and we love being able to celebrate trending designs like this with you!

We can't wait to watch current Bachelor Ben Higgins make his selection. It's like we fall deeper and deeper in love with these girls along with Ben. Seems like he has some tough decisions to make, but we're hoping he makes the right ones-- the bride and the ring! ;)

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