Bachelor Bling

Flashback to Monday night's Bachelor on ABC. We’ve been keeping close tabs on the show and every week has proven to be a new adventure. We can’t be blamed for obsessing over the drama of reality television! It is for sure one of our favorite pastimes and guilty pleasures. However, at the end of the day, it’s really about watching the journey of one individual trying to find love in a finely selected, narrowed down sea of 20+. Generally the outcomes are shots in the dark, as all pursuits in love can be, but one thing is certain. The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise sheds light on those who are ready for a serious commitment, to hopefully share that next milestone in their lives with another. From first dates to eventual engagement, the show sets the scenes, the drive, giving these romantics an opportunity to want to make time for love. And for numerous couples, whether on or off (after) the show, this system works.

This last Monday, we were given a preview of what may or may not be the engagement ring that Bachelor Ben Higgins will choose for his mystery bride-to-be (Photo Courtesy Glamour Weddings).

While it is very possible that the franchise is trying to throw fans off, at least we know Ben is considering it enough to try it on! From the screen stills, it looks as though the ring has a radiant-cut diamond as center stone, wrapped in a beautiful halo with an assembly of differently sized side baguettes in accompaniment.

Similar to this choice, is our custom 5 stone, bezel set design with Emerald-Cut Moissanite exclusively from our Francesca Collection! These open airways lessen the load of metal weight, making the ring feel lighter, look style sophisticated, and practical for the everyday. You can find it here. We love being able to play up our designs per your preference in case you want our rendition of Bachelor Bling, let us know! Happy Friday!

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