3 Reasons for 3 Little Words

To say “I love you” to a friend or a family member can come easily to most. In modern day, it is often said in the moment, out of adoration, used loosely. And while this intention aims to be harmless, it can speak volumes about how current society views love in its entirety. Does it mean a little or a lot to say those three little words? Does it matter if we say it at all? Don’t actions speak louder than words anyway? For questions such as these, there are answers. We’ve gathered 3, in fact, for you to consider or be reminded of the importance in “I love you.”

Language is a complex systems of communication. Although not exclusive to the human being, it is for all other species biologically inherent. Human language, in contrast, is learned. It is a flexible expression of self through speech, through action, or sign that assumes its structure from culture to culture. We find ourselves fascinated by the realization that a word is just made up of one or more sounds, but has the ability to evoke so many emotions. Love, being an important human emotion if not the most, can be expressed in a multitude of ways. You can show someone how much you love them by romantic gesture, of course, but why say it?

When your love is true, this type of open communication creates honest moments to remember. Saying how you feel about something or someone is and always will be a risk. When an “I love you” is in motion, the person at the receiving end will know that she or he was worth that risk for you to be completely vulnerable, and for whatever reason in that moment, you decided to share an extension of yourself (Photo Courtesy Jessica Janae Photography).

When a relationship becomes comfortable, the saying is a shared reminder for when times are silly, solid, or tough. Said by the right person, it can make you feel warm, safe, valued! You, and you alone, were chosen to have this said to in this moment. “I love you” secures the standing in your romance, every time, as a testament of your commitment and a willingness to progress in it.

Lastly, it helps you separate and identify the wall between adoration and love. Romantic, intimate gestures like a kiss or hug are definite necessities, but done alone without verbal expression can create a long-established uncertainty of feelings professed. Regardless of its excessive use in society, if you’re sure of your love, say it. Just keep in mind to choose your own moments wisely; you don’t want to wear out the meaning. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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