It's No Secret: Amethyst is Admired!

Every month has a birthstone, and for every birthstone, we do the research so that you don’t have to! February is known as National Heart Month as well as Black History Month and most celebrated of all days in it is Valentine’s Day. It was St. Valentine himself, patron of romantic love, who wore an amethyst ring. We’re sure you can guess this month’s birthstone now. And whose image other than Cupid will we find thoughtfully carved into this ring? Now commonly conceived in modern day as god of desire in adolescent form, Cupid is skilled in his hypnotizing of hearts with love-laced arrows. And shooting from his bow effortlessly, we’ll note, in just a diaper and a pair of heaven-sent wings. If you’d like to learn about how this relates to Hearts & Arrows in Amora Gems, click here (Photo Courtesy GIA.)

Amethyst is most commonly known for its rich purples, ravishing blue violets, and deep reds. Although there are gems of other varieties (e.g. sapphire, tanzanite, etc.) that can produce colors at the same par as amethyst, it is the most commonly sought after first with admirers, reigning above all, when in pursuit of purple. And it’s really without wonder why! The quartz mineral specimen seems to have majored in the color. According to GIA, the gem can have a color range from “a light lilac to a deep, intense royal purple, and from brownish to vivid.” Not only are they prestigious in specialization, they can come in sizes very large. In fact, the GIA Museum has displayed an amethyst weighing in at 164 pounds! Incredible! Below you'll find a smaller amethyst crystal from Namibia in classic quartz crystal shape and form. How many different hues can you make out? (Photo Courtesy Daniel Trinchillo, Fine Minerals International)

Until the 19th Century, the gem has ranked as high in price as ruby and emerald until large deposits were later discovered in Brazil. You’ll find it quantifiably in the jewelry market today which means it’s more accessible to more admirers. There’s no good excuse now to not own one of these babies. Sometimes, you’ll even find them form inside of crystal-lined geodes, a natural occurrence we’re definitely a fan of (as well as many social media platforms it seems). 

Purple is a calming, cool color and entertains thoughts of courtesy and royalty. Amethysts make great companions with outfit ensembles of the neutral/natural tone variety or can even add more pop to a pastel palette. Perfect for year-round outfits and we're sure you'll spark some meaningful conversations! Are you an amethyst admirer as well? Let us know! Thanks for learning with us!



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