Vogue's Pre-Fall 2016 Trend Report

This month, Vogue released their Pre-Fall 2016 Trend Report and it is fab-u-lous! As you may already know, fall is traditionally the most important time of year for the biggest name brands in fashion to release their new and polished designs on the runway. Until then, the fashion gods of the world have spoken for the looks and trends they found are a worthy of replicating right NOW. Out of all top 10, we’ll tell you all about our fave and why. For the full list, venture here.

We are huge fans of fashion, more specifically, self-expression. While all the top 10 looks of the pre-season appeal to us aesthetically, the Candy Crush trend is calling out to us like no other. Not to mention it lets us make use of Pantone Color of the Year! It's so versatile, it even works with all 9 sister trends. If you’d like for us to share our thoughts about any of the other looks, let us know! (Altuzarra, Photo Courtesy Vogue.)

In the history of color communication, pastel colors have almost always suggested to those who look upon it connoted thoughts of innocence, purity, femininity. Vogue has proven to us one and for all that our otherwise usual perception of the pastel palette is actually limiting. With the right pairing of textures and prints, the right accessories and shoes, and color blocking, soft becomes edgy in no time with very little effort. We took note that this idea is accomplished gracefully by the addition of darker colors, ideally natural or neutral mute tones such as gray, brown, black and dark blue. (Courtmax, Photo Courtesy Vogue.)

Even when paired with more of the same pastels, the looks are mod and minimal. In taste, this type of styling is anything but bland. As you can see on some of the attached pictures, each piece varies in cut and silhouette, in texture and balance. Pockets, pleats, folds, and ties actually maximize these minimalist looks by creating roughness. And with such lightness in tonality, It makes it that much easier to mix and match with accessories with the same lightness, such as that in rose gold, as well as with darker colors creating a lovely juxtaposition that’s easy on the eyes. A bold lip color has the potential to make a statement even louder here. Simple becomes complex and thus, more appreciated. (Marni, Photo Courtesy Vogue.)

Perhaps wearing colors in such a palette makes you feel even lighter in step. Either way, we are candy crushin’ for real and can’t wait to see these pastels in more of today’s street fashion. It’s even more awesome that we know this look is easily attainable by all and we are all about catering to the masses.

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