2015 Bests

The stats are rolling in.

Song of the Year – Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)
At 1.63 million in combined sales this year alone, even more if we include the last, “Uptown Funk” is a chart topper and its secure standing in the top 40 in its 39th week is proof. We find it extremely difficult to try not dancing to, so we give in. Every time.

Movie of the Year – Jurassic World
Released June 12th of this year, Jurassic World ranks as number one as the top grossing movie of 2015 at a whopping $652,198,010. Approximately 78 million tickets were sold and it comes as no surprise as its predecessors (Jurassic Park series) belong to a long line of classic films loved by people of all ages. Although it stands to be inevitably compared to the originals, many will attest that Jurassic World, on its own, is a well-made film nonetheless. In the company of its supporters is Steven Spielberg as executive producer. Sign us up! (Photo Courtesy of RottenTomatoes.com) 

Tech of the Year – Hoverboard
By popular demand, self-balancing scooters have been blowing up the marketplace. Think segway with no handles. It’s another form of short-distance travel made fun and green-efficient. Here is a lovely video we found of women performing a seemingly impossible feat of acrobatic dance on hoverboards. We also have one in our possession and it’s pretty sweet (and as with all tech, we must be careful with them)!

Toy of the Year – Pie Face!
Hasbro as done it again. “Pie Face!” is a fun-for-all-ages game made popular by numerous YouTube personalities. It takes players by surprise on every turn of the handle. All you need is some whipped cream! Opponents load up the purple throwing arm as you rest your chin on the chin rest after taking a spin on the number wheel and your turn begins. Click after click, you await your pie faced doom. Exciting, no?

Meme of the Year – Hotline Bling (Drake)
Will Drake ever produce a song that doesn’t end up as a meme? No? Well, it was better like this anyway. This music video is the most parodied music video we have ever witnessed parodied and honestly, we love it. Remember when he played tennis or had an obnoxiously fun time with light sabers?

Video of the Year – Hello (Adele)
Three years in waiting for Adele’s return and it was totally worth it. “Hello” has pulled in (as of right now) 853,255,193 views on YouTube! The soul singer has spoken about her song direction transitioning from break-up records to make up records and we’re looking forward to a completely new Adele.



New year, new you, new us! We are expanding our company at F&B to better accommodate you with your best interests at heart. Thanks for riding along with us this year. See you in the next! 

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