2015 Rewind

If we were any more on the edge of our seats here at F&B, we would be literally floored. The year will officially be 2016 by the end of this week! Before we get there, though, let’s take a quick look back to reminisce a few events we thought made an impression worthy of noting (in no chronological order):

Royal Babe There is a new addition to the royal family this year and her name is Princess Charlotte of Cambridge! Duke and Duchess William and Kate were thrilled to spend this past Christmas for the first time with both son (2), and daughter (7 months). It seems parenthood comes naturally to these two. We wish them the happiest of more years to come.

Is it Adele You’ve Been Looking For? After releasing hit after hit and making sales history in the music industry by connecting with millions from all over the world with her soulful, wide-ranging vocals, Adele seemingly disappeared as if frozen in time, leaving us to remember on repeat how she made us feel all the feels. Three years later, she returns with a long-awaited “Hello,” and an open letter to accompany this reintroduction, reminding us why she was unforgettable in the first place. At 25 years old, the artist recognizes a turning point in her life as she reroutes her multi award-winning records from break-up to make up in album "25."

That Little Black/Blue, White/Gold Dress How can we forget about the most-talked-about dress of the year? Casually posted on the internet by Tumblr user “swiked” on a Wednesday of all days, the photo of said dress was spotted by perceptive eyes at media company BuzzFeed. The following day, they proceeded to shed some light on the curious case of this dress, asking readers for opinions. The dilemma was this: some saw it as black and blue, others as white and gold. And although in reality the dress is in fact black and blue, this did not stop the internet from being consumed by confusion. The debate ended when answered by science. It’s really all based on individual perception and assumptions of how a room is lit. Like, duh.

Back to the Future The classic American Sci-Fi Adventure/Comedy film of 1989 iconically referred to the 21st of October, 2015, as the date of the “Future.” Since passing the time and date, we are now considered officially in the “Past.” Riveting, we know. If you have yet to see the franchise, we definitely recommend it!

Hotline Bling with Shia LaBeouf From Even Stevens to Transformers, actor Shia LaBeouf has since redirected his ambitions towards a different kind of performance art. And not as a joke, either. Earlier this year, he was featured as a dancer in Sia’s music video of “Elastic Heart,” showing a very honest version of himself we rarely ever see. At the start of December, we hear of his current new project called, “#TOUCHMYSOUL,” wherein anyone and everyone is able to call Shia and his team and talk about anything. The premise is to encourage connecting with people interpersonally via technology and to become more self-aware of the transaction. The conversations are documented and shared for all to see on the gallery’s website. We find this truly awesome and are looking forward to what his artistry brings us in 2016!

With a Little Help From My Friends We will never think of hit TV sitcom Friends as a thing of the past!  Fellow lovers of the show will probably admit that they, too, felt like a friend of all six characters. After 10 seasons, the actresses and actors we have long since expressed our admiration for went their separate ways, sometimes making special cameo appearances on one another’s shows. Among them is American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, who recently tied the knot with Leftovers star Justin Theroux in a surprise wedding secretly held in their L.A. home! And to make this segment even juicier, we heard through the grapevine that on-screen couple Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox, who inspired already so many relationship goals years ago, are now dating in real life! Dreams really do come true.

Written in the Stars There have been many moons since Star Wars had its first debut on the big screen in 1977. A week before Christmas of this year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens blew up the box office, ranking as the second top grossing film of 2015! Was it a coincidence that we haven’t had a full moon on Christmas since the first film and that it returned this year? Who knows, but in celebration of the franchise, NASA specially honors “The Mimas” for this occasion by dedicating a portion of their website to acknowledge this specific moon from Saturn. This is because this moon of many bears a striking resemblance to the Death Star. Read more about this here!

Ground-breaking News in Science Speaking of NASA, remember when the Curiosity Rover found water below the surface of Mars? David Bowie’s question about there being life on Mars can now be answered. Although there is much more research to be done, this news is ground-breaking, most literally. As we are all aware, Earth is reaching its age limit and we are in dire need of a new home planet. Could there be potential on Mars? We can’t wait for you to find out with us!

Thanks for reminiscing! Onward to the New Year!

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