How to Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

We’re not unfamiliar with the image of Santa Claus and of course, this image has been changed time and again over the years since his story began (St. Nicholas). To this day, we think of him spreading the holiday cheer as a jolly, seasoned man with a beard as white as snow, flushed in the cheeks from the cold in his bright red suit with white fur trim. And as he travels from house to house on Christmas Eve, assuring a gift out of kindness to all who believe and stayed kind themselves, we remember that it’s really not all about the glitz and glam of the image, but the thought behind it all.

Santa Claus reminds us to give more than we take, to think of others before ourselves, and to share joy because it’s not just ours to have. Laughter is a remedy for many a thing; it can cure all matters concerning the heart. So remember to spread your holiday cheer this December! Somebody might really need it, and maybe you’ll find that you needed it too. A gift can come in all shapes and sizes. To be gifted a holly, jolly Christmas before we part with this year and welcome the new, well, that’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

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