Thanksgiving: A List of To-Do's

It wasn’t until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln was sent a letter from 74-year old magazine editor Sarah Josepha Hale pushing for Thanksgiving to be a national American holiday that it became one. Prior to this, it was scheduled at different times in other locations. Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving be celebrated by all (who wish to) on the same day, resulting in people from all over the world, near and far, to follow suit. From then on, it has become, for some, more than just a holiday, but more so a well-deserved break from our busy lives to reflect deeply upon who and what we are thankful for and to show gratitude where it is needed. Thanksgiving can be celebrated in a number of ways and even if you have chosen not to participate in the holiday, there are plenty of alternatives to opt for in doing as most businesses are also taking a break regardless. This long weekend to come doesn’t have to be a drag! We have just the list of ideas for you to really make Thanksgiving yours.

Travel – Going away for the weekend with loved ones, or even by yourself, can be thrilling and in turn help you recharge for work or school in the weeks to approach thereafter. Or maybe you’ve been invited to celebrate with loved ones that live a distance away. Either-or, it can be refreshing to step out from what you’re used to and delve into something new. Maybe it is cold where you are and you’d like to hang out where it’s warmer or vice versa! The world is your oyster, perhaps traveling might take you to your pearl.

Community Service – Helping those who are or may be disadvantaged is an experience truly rewarding. If you have yet to give it a try, maybe this weekend might be the perfect opportunity to. You can donate some new toys to a Toys for Tots or fresh canned goods to a canned food drive. You can also donate a turkey to a family in need through turkey drives. It doesn’t even have to be a big gesture. It can be as simple as saying “thank you” to someone who made a difference or lending an umbrella on a rainy day.

Shopping – If you’re planning on gift-giving next month, the time is now to shop, shop, shop. We have some pointers on how to shop smart for Black Friday here. Note: Think ahead! Spring and summer clothing of last season will be on sale in select stores so it might be wise to check them out while they are still in stock and low in price.

We at F&B are in love with autumn and if you do too, we suggest investing in some home décor for the season. It’s definitely not too late and some of them go nicely into winter as well! For example, candles are a must. There is a huge selection of scents to choose from, and even if you go scentless, they still give each room that warm, inviting ambiance that being outside in the cold, although also magical, cannot provide.

Television – It has become a widespread tradition in many homes to gather around a television to watch as Thanksgiving is celebrated by parade. Honestly, it’s pretty enchanting to watch as marching bands and live song performances on floats pass by, trailing behind humungous balloons of favorite pop culture icons soaring overhead. And we can’t forget football! Many families enjoy this as a cherished pastime laughing and shouting in excitement at the game all the while surrounded by wonderful company.

Family – The holidays aren’t all about consumerism. Especially with Thanksgiving, people are allowed the chance to not only feast with their loved ones, but spend more time getting familiar with them, too. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities to take part in such as the above mentioned! There’s also no harm in creating new family traditions along the way.

We hope you enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading.

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