November 2015: The Recap

We figured you might be busy with other plans for the holiday weekend and we’ve got some pretty exciting news to share so this months’ recap is coming to you early.

Life is about to change for Olympian Swimmer Michael Phelps and fiancée (model and beauty queen) Nicole Johnson. Having been only 5 hours since the big announcement on Instagram, the two look ecstatic in their photo, one of them… especially aglow. Somewhere by a swimming pool, the couple smiles for the camera and as Phelps hugs his lady from behind in support, she holds in her hands an adorable pair of MP brand swim briefs meant for… can it be? Yes!

Baby Phelps is well on his way (Photo Courtesy of Michael Phelps)! The two are over 12 weeks into their first trimester and seem more than ready to welcome their new baby boy into the world. It seems they already have set plans for his future in sports!

Also, is a new romance in bloom for songstress/fashionista Gwen Stefani? Girl is moving on and with no other than fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton! The chemistry between the two are undeniable on and off screen, even taking the stage together on the Tonight Show in a duet of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Although they are on opposite sides of the musical spectrum with Stefani’s history in reggae-fused punk rock synthpop and Shelton’s in country, we’re thinking they make one very good looking power couple that might just beat the odds. They can each introduce to the other what they cannot on their own, allowing nourishment for this romance to grow deeper because opposites attract, no? Hopefully, our girl has found a winner at last (photo of unknown source)!

New life, new love… we celebrate it all! Thanks for reading.

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